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Macross Plus YF-21 vs X-9

Guld in the YF-21 is fighting the Ghost X-9 drone that's being controlled by the A.I. construct Sharon Apple.\r
This is a clip from the remastered Macross Plus movie DVD. This isn't HD but some judicious filtering with the upscaling gives it a pleasing look even though Youtube's encoding does seem to blur out some details.

Yamato Macross Plus YF-21 1/60 scale - CollectionDX

visit http://www.collectiondx.com for the full review of the Macross Plus YF-21 from Yamato

Yamato VF-22 Battroid to Fighter

Scorched Earth Toys @ anymoon.com presents a transformation guide for Yamato's 1/60 VF-22 Toys (and YF-21 toys). This video takes you from battroid back to fighter mode. The VF-22 as seen in Macross7 is the descendant of the YF-21 as seen in Macross Plus.




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